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5 reasons Yogis make great Personal Trainers

by Melony Dos Remedios

A funny thought came to mind on Saturday when I was in a downward dog.  I’d been to this class 100 times and enjoyed the recharge and the time out. Normally, I keep my two worlds of Personal Training Education and Yoga separate, like oil and water, but on this day they combined.  I was fresh from the Melbourne Fitness Show where I spoke to numerous Personal Trainers and Personal Trainers of the future about the industry and all its benefits and challenges.

What the fitness industry really needs is more people who truly understand they’re working with the human BEING, not just the human body.  In my 10am yoga class I was witnessing just that!  My Instructor Jodi is an excellent communicator, much like all the Yoga Instructors I’ve had over my 12 years of practicing Yoga.  She is encouraging, kind and very clear with her instructions – not to bag Personal Trainers, but that’s not always what we see in the training world. What if they communicated a little bit more like Yoga Instructors with their clients?

I love yoga. I need it as I suffer from a pretty bad case of “monkey mind”. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 20 years starting as a Personal Trainer, followed by Manager, and finally Coach. For years, most of the challenges I see with Personal Trainers are around connecting with and communicating with their clients. If they get better at that and they get much better at client retention. There’s been countless workshops and training on how to communicate better with your client.  And yet, these Yogis seem to nail it! No problem there. They somehow get in touch with the physical body, encourage to work hard all the while helping clients accept where they are now, rather than judging them for not being super fit yet. Not to mention their knowledge of breath work, which is absolutely essential during any movement.

I sat down and thought about it after class, and I’ve come up with my top 5 reasons why Yogis would make GREAT Personal Trainers.

  • Yoga Instructors have excellent body awareness & knowledge – they’re used to carefully observing clients move and really thinking about what’s a safe position for that individual client’s level of knowledge and strength.
  • Yoga instructors are excellent communicators – they understand how to help people open their mind to new ideas and new attitudes
  • Yoga instructors are able to work with all levels of clients – yoga instructors often see all levels of fitness and, crucially, many different ages
  • Yoga instructors have access to people who might already be attending a gym elsewhere or wanting to work with a trainer, and have built up a level of trust with their clients
  • Yoga instructors know how to work with the human being, not just the human body, understanding that practice is different every day – so is training! – and that movement shouldn’t be forced!


I know that many yoga instructors think the gym world is all about pumping iron, massive deadlifts and protein shakes, but truly – most gyms have moved beyond that now and have evolved into functional spaces where clients of all ages, levels and goals can train for life. A really good gym is a social space where people make connections, make important changes in their life and transform themselves. What better person to be the guide on the side than a yoga instructor who is also a personal trainer? You can really combine the skills and have the best of both worlds – a trainer who has the ability to meet the client where they need to be that day and the compassion to understand the emotions involved in the change process.

Melony is an “Aus-Merican” speaker, blogger, and coach who is passionate about continual improvement. Melony’s experience as a personal trainer, NLP practitioner, professional fitness competitor, and improvisational actor give her a truly unique approach to coaching. She’s spent the last twenty years helping people achieve their lifestyle and business goals and has developed over three thousand personal trainers. She believes you can achieve success your way using your favourite approach and have some fun too.