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Why You Should Be Adding Broga To Your Timetable

By : Liza Gishen-Kloeckner – Founder + Owner @THEBARRE

What is “Broga”?
“Broga” yoga is a tongue-in-cheek term to describe the recent surge of interest that is male-focused yoga. Over the past 20 years, yoga has seen an incredible wave in popularity, with many disciplines being further explored and traditional practises evolved, examples including aerial or Bikram yoga. Today, yoga can be classed as a clear pillar of the Australian fitness industry with main stream gyms diversifying their offerings to incorporate yoga-based classes, as well as bespoke studios who specialise in the field.

The Benefits
However, it’s no secret that yoga typically appeals to females, seen both by the number of female instructors, as well as the number of clients in a class. But why? Why is it that yoga is actively avoided by men? It has shown to assist in the toning and strengthening of muscles, frequently used by top athletes to help in physiotherapy as well as the added benefits of mindfulness elements incorporated into exercise.

Thana, a Broga instructor from Sydney’s The Barre Studio, explains how an all-male yoga class helps to create a more comfortable environment for those who are new to the discipline and actively attracts more men to try it. It is a perfect way for men to try yoga, feel the benefits first-hand and build yoga into their weekly exercise regimes. Thana goes on to explain how further benefits of the sport: “Another important part of yoga is flexibility and how it helps prevent injury. Flexible muscles can withstand physical stress better, meaning less time out with sore or pulled muscles”.

Other studios have seen similar results when they diversified to incorporate male-focused classes, reporting over 100 percent increases in male member subscriptions over a year period. They witnessed an array of new clients, ranging from seasoned sportsmen, who are totally new to yoga, to males who are new to exercise altogether. They share the common mind-set and curiosity in the health benefits of actively stretching their muscles and mindful breaks from their busy daily routine.

Interested and would like to find out more? Check out for more information and explore how Broga could be built into your weekly timetable.