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Building Trust with your Clients

Starting out as an Instructor, it can be hard to stay confident and build trust with your clients. We sat down with Celeste, an Argentinian Yoga Instructor and Certified Rolfer. She recently settled in Sydney and In just 6 months has created lasting relationships with new clients. Here are her proven tips below:

1- Listen! … and adapt to your client’s needs

Every client is different and has different needs. Don’t assume you already know what they need.. Listen carefully and ask questions so you  understand them, then be ready and flexible to adapt accordingly. Be present, be there for each client, be aware and adapt.

2- Be mindful of your own body language 

You might be saying something with your words and painting a different picture with your body language. Take care of yourself during your sessions, make sure that you are feeling comfortable and don’t ignore your own needs. Clients will perceive this and it will help them trust you’ll be able to take care of them too.

3- Be respectful of the client’s time
Try not to rush to explain things or cram in a lot of work; sometimes less is more…give the client time to orient, learn and experiment; be patient, some clients might need more time to get things “right”.

4- Keep the client in the loop
Explain what you are doing and what your plans are, ask for their opinion, involve them in the work and share the responsibility with them. Any goals you might set, can only be achieved by working in cooperation with your client, so make sure they understand they are as responsible for the work as you are. Ask for their feedback and be ready to accept it and learn from it. Don’t be afraid to change if something you were doing was not working.

5- Talk in terms your clients can understand
You won’t get more clients by talking fancy. If clients understand and find meaning in what you say, it might be easier for them to relate to the work you are doing together and trust you.

Bonus: Find joy in what you do! If you are comfortable and happy with what you are doing, clients will pick it up and will stick around!

Celeste is  from Argentina and recently moved to Sydney. She has been  practicing and studying yoga for 8 years. She is studied at the European Rolfing Association, in Munich, Germany, where she became a Certified Rolfer. Learn more about her here, Celeste offers YogaPilatesConnect members 10% off Rolfing sessions.