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Looking to run a retreat? Ask yourself these 5 questions first.

Looking to run a retreat? Ask yourself these questions first. 

How hard can it be to run a retreat? Grab a bunch of clients. Book a villa with an open-air studio in a wonderfully exotic location. Put together a bit of a program and off we go. Sounds easy, right? Karen Willis from Sharing Bali outlines five key questions to ask yourself below.

Running a retreat takes a lot of planning and hard work. It’s very possible that you as you farewell your blissed-out clients on day 7 you will be feeling completely wiped out, wondering what happened to your share of the bliss.

Your retreat will can be an enriching experience and financially rewarding if you approach it like a mini business. One that has an identity; systems & strategies; sound financial planning and total clarity about your purpose.

Most importantly you need to work out if you are the right person to run a retreat? Before you get into the depths of planning, ask yourself these questions:

Am I ready to be “on” 24/7?

You will be teaching, organising, socialising and supporting your clients from wake up until sleep time.

Am I (or one of my team) into operating at a detail level?

Just because you like to travel “on the fly”, it won’t work on retreat. Be ready to deal with everything from pre-retreat medical waivers to finding lost laundry.

Can I step out of my business for 7 days?

Retreats are all consuming and your clients want to spend time with YOU. Constantly checking your phone to deal with business back at base is not good behaviour.

Does the thought of going to ‘Plan B’ send me into a meltdown?

Flights get cancelled, weather turns foul, clients forget the essentials on what you thought was the bullet proof ‘what to pack’ list etc etc. You can’t anticipate every incident, but you need to be able to pull off a ‘plan B’ without raising a sweat.

Do I understand that little things matter?

Delivering the program is one thing, small acts of kindness can have a profound effect on individuals and the retreat vibe.

Am I creating the retreat to get myself a holiday?

Chilling out in the hammock or ducking out for a quick surf may not happen. Book your own holiday post-retreat.

Don’t forget that your clients have been dreaming about their retreat for months. They have invested money and time to get there and there is every chance that they are ready to put in with heart and soul as they have made a conscious choice to do something good for themselves.

You can make a difference to each and everyone in the group with a wonderfully rewarding retreat experience.

Meet Karen Willis

Experience Maker, author and co-founder of Sharing Bali, a place for healthy retreats.