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New Instructor Checklist

Congratulations! The hard part is over and the journey is just beginning. Like all great teachers who came before you, you have to get set up for when opportunity calls.

While you’re figuring out your teaching style, make sure you tick off the items on the checklist below.

Register yourself as a SOLE-TRADER and obtain an ABN.
You’ll need to be eligible to work as a sole trader in Australia.

For further information see:,-Super-funds—Charities/Applying-for-an-ABN/Apply-for-an-ABN/

Every single studio will ask for an up-to-date First Aid certificate.
If you’re dream job comes along, you’ll regret not spending a Saturday afternoon giving mouth-to-mouth to a plastic dummy sooner. Not to mention, it’s a great skill to have in everyday life!

Don’t put this off!

Book First Aid courses in Sydney here:

Now that you have your ABN and First Aid, you can get Insurance.

There are a few different insurance providers listed below. Ensure you have cover with
FREELANCE CONTRACTORS INSURANCE this will protect you in any venue.