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New Pilates Instructor Survival Guide pt.2

Find Your Groove!


Create an Online Presence

The boutique fitness industry is rapidly gaining a lot of real estate online. GET INVOLVED! Even if you don’t feel 100% ready to teach, start building a network.

I. Update your LinkedIn profile and join Pilates  based groups to learn more about the community online.

II. Join Instructor Facebook groups (eg: Sydney Pilates Instructors). These are a great space to hear about Instructor workshops and Substitute positions.

III. Create a free profile with YPC. Set up email notifications when jobs meeting your criteria are posted and learn about the Pilates ecosystem in your area.

Get a Mentor

You started this journey as a reaction to amazing Pilates experiences you’ve had in the past.  This is the time to learn as much as you can from your favourite Instructors. Mentors are a great way to built confidence.

Get on a Sub List

Studios always need substitute Instructors. Join a platform that allows you to attend several different studios a month (ie: ClassPass), speak with the Instructors and get on the sub list. If you are assisting and working at a gym, you will be a rockstar when the call is made for you to sub.