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IYTA- Yin Yoga Workshop

Total Hours: 50

2 Workshops (separately)

Explore the history and philosophy of Yin Yoga, the anatomy of Yin – including vulnerable joints, meridians and yin and yang concepts. You will learn how to combine Yin and Yang yoga in a Hatha class, plus the various themes for Yin classes and linking of Yin yoga postures.

In short, you will learn the fundamentals required to start teaching Yin Yoga classes with confidence.

Details of Course Levels

As a Graduate you will:

  • understand the philosophy of Yin Yoga
  • be able to apply meridians, 5 elements, yin and yang concepts in a Yin Yoga Class
  • be able to safely teach Yin Yoga
  • link Yin Yoga postures
  • show your students how to develop further opportunities in Yin yoga for breathing, mindfulness and meditation practices

Course Availability

Yin 1 – Introduction to Yin Yoga

Members: $295.00 / Non-members: $395.00
  • Brisbane 14-15 October 2017