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Finding and filling jobs can be hard. That’s why we created YPC. For both Instructors and Studios, we’ve created a hub to find and share fitness jobs. You can also learn about upcoming events, teacher trainings and continuing education.  Do it all within YPC.

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Get a bird’s eye view of the jobs near you

We’ve been there – looking tirelessly for classes to fill your schedule without running across town. That is exactly why we created YPC. A platform to browse jobs based on location and availability and even get them delivered to your inbox.

Localised Job Postings

From your YPC homepage, you’ll get a birds eye view of the job opportunities near you.

Customisable Job Alerts

We provide customised job alerts that let you know when new opportunities are posted.

Boost your online reach

When you join YPC, your profile goes in front of thousands of studios who are looking for instructors just like you. They can even invite you to apply for jobs!